Choosing the best vehicle type for you

Other than when you’re waiting at a restaurant to pick up an order, or walking up to a customer’s door to drop off an order, you spend a majority of your time using your vehicle. Since travel makes up such a large part of your sessions, choosing a vehicle that suits where and how you ride is important.

To help you pick the mode of transportation that makes the most sense for you, we’ve created a list of the benefits of each vehicle type.


  • Cheaper insurance costs
  • Easily access restaurant and customer locations
  • Alternative routes that cars and scooters cannot access
  • Do not require parking spots
  • Great for riding in the city where you’re able to travel shorter distances
  • Great for the environment – less fumes!
  • Good way to get some exercise while you are earning!


  • Can travel greater distances than bicycles
  • Can easily access most restaurant and customer locations – less difficult to find parking than in a car
  • More fuel efficient than passenger vehicles


  • Great for suburban areas outside of the city because you can travel greater distances faster
  • Protection from the elements
  • You have a lot of space in your car, which makes it great for doing large orders

We know everyone is different and likes to ride in different ways – some of you are city dwellers who choose biking to help you squeeze some fitness time into your busy schedules, and some of you have families and want to be able to zip around by car in neighborhoods not too far from your own.

Changing your vehicle type is easy – all you have to do is contact us to let us know what vehicle type you want to change to. Once you’ve filled out and sent back the documents we need from you, we’ll update your vehicle type in the system. To ensure you remain compliant with the Deliveroo platform, it is important to let us know when you have changed the vehicle you use for deliveries.

Your vehicle compatibility makes a big impact on how much you enjoy riding with us, so we hope this helps you choose the one that’s right for you!