Delegation 101

Riders often tell us that one of the best aspects of riding with Deliveroo is the flexibility. As outlined in your supplier agreement, this includes being able to use delegates to complete orders for you.

What are delegates?

Delegates are other people that you appoint to help you carry out your deliveries; these can be friends, family, or anyone else in your network who fits the criteria to be a rider. 

How do I appoint a delegate?

Simply share your login details with whoever you want to nominate – but remember that they have to meet all the requirements to work with Deliveroo, as set out in your supplier agreement. You don’t need to let us know who you nominate – just give them your phone to use, or provide them with your login details so they can use your account on their phone. If using their phone, they’ll need to download the app on their phone first. Even if your delegate forgets to log out of the app, you can still log in from your phone, as this will then log out any other devices.

What are my responsibilities?

When you appoint a delegate it’s your responsibility to make sure that this person meets all of the requirements to work with Deliveroo, as set out in your supplier agreement. This includes checking the following information about your delegate:

  • They are over 18 years of age
  • They have the right to work in Australia
  • They do not exceed working restrictions as set out by their visa
    (for example, someone working on a subclass 500 Visa cannot work more than 40 hours per fortnight)
  • Scooter and Motor Vehicle drivers hold valid Third Party Property vehicle insurance
  • They are not subject to any unspent criminal convictions
  • They have not previously had a supplier agreement with Deliveroo terminated due to a material breach of its terms

Failing to carry out Right to Work checks can expose you to criminal offences with sanctions of up to five years of imprisonment and a fine up to $63,000.

Remember that you are responsible for your delegate and ensuring that they know how to complete deliveries safely and in accordance with applicable road safety, food safety as well as health and safety laws.  

This rider website includes all onboarding and safety information available to all riders working with Deliveroo. We encourage you to share the following videos and other material on the Roo Community site with your delegate before they use your account:

  • Safety kit requirements
  • Food handling requirements
  • Road safety reminders
  • Preparing for Deliveries

Working with a delegate is an important responsibility and failing to comply with these requirements may carry criminal sanctions. Deliveroo has a zero tolerance policy towards those riders who fail to meet their obligations in relation to the appointment of any delegate. If we are made aware of any riders working with delegates who do not have the required authorisation to work, we could take immediate action – such as termination of supplier agreement with Deliveroo – and inform the relevant authorities.

While we do have strict policies in place, we highly encourage riders to get involved in delegating. We want you to benefit as much as possible from your riding.

If you have any questions, please contact our Rider Support team.