Pre-ride checks on your scooter

Routine pre-ride checks on your scooter are essential to ensure your ride goes smoothly but also to keep yourself safe. When was the last time you checked your vehicle was in a safe working condition? 

Watch the video below for more info on getting ready to ride: 

We recommend keeping your vehicle in good condition so that both you and your vehicle can stay on the road. The good news is, these pre-ride checks are quick and easy!

Before you get on your scooter, there are a number of pre-ride checks to think about: 

  • Before riding, check tyres are inflated and have enough tread to prevent skidding. A worn or flat tyre can be a major hazard on the road. 
  • Check that brakes and lights are working properly
  • Make sure the chain has a free play of 3-4cm and is well lubricated
  • Take a look at oil levels to see if a scooter is due for a service
  • Replace engine oil often to avoid damaging your engine
  • Ensure there is enough fuel before starting your journey
  • Clean food carrying bag regularly

Pop on your helmet, place your phone into the scooter mount, and you’re ready to go.