Riding at night

If you’re out on the road at night, you should take steps to ensure you can see clearly and that you are visible to others using the road:

  • Avoid wearing a dark, tinted or scratched visor or glasses
  • Wear high visibility and reflective clothing to make you more visible to other road users
  • Use a high beam to see further ahead. If you’re within 200 metres of another vehicle, dip your beam so you don’t affect the vision of the driver approaching you
  • If a vehicle comes towards you with their beam on high, slow down and look off-centre so it doesn’t affect your vision
  • Reduce your speed to give yourself more time to read the road and react to any potential hazards
  • Ensure any reflectors and all lights on your vehicle are clean

Information in this article was adapted from the NSW Government’s Motorcycle Riders’ Handbook.