Riding in the rain

Here are some top tips for riding safely in rain.

Choose the right gear

Before you head out into the rain, throw on:

  • waterproof pants and scooter jacket.
  • a helmet with an anti-fog visor that will keep your visibility high and the rain out of your eyes.
  • thin gloves to keep your fingers warm and working! If your fingers get cold, they will lose feeling, and you could lose control.
  • Waterproof boots/footwear (overboots are a great alternative).

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Be conscious of where you ride

  • Stick to the part of the road where other wheel tracks are, and avoid riding in the middle of the lane. This is the most slippery part of the road as it is where most debris accumulates.
  • Avoid road markings, tram tracks, manhole coverings, or anything metal – they will be more slippery.
  • Avoid puddles/flooded parts of the road.
  • Decrease your speed and be careful when pulling up to intersections. With more cars stopping in these areas, oil can accumulate on the road which makes the surface more slippery.  

Other tips to keep in mind...

  • The most dangerous time to ride is right when it starts raining after a long dry period.
  • As a general rule, your motorbike goes wherever you look. If you spot an object or hazard in the road, focus on the safe part of the road you want to ride on instead.