Riding safely near pedestrian crossings

Crossings for pedestrians are indicated by road markings, signs or lights where people can cross the road safely. When travelling towards a pedestrian crossing, you must drive or ride at a speed so that you can stop safely. 

It is important to know the road rules to follow when interacting with pedestrian crossings: 

  • Cars, scooters, bicycles and e-bikes must give way to any pedestrians on or about to step on the pedestrian crossing. 
  • You must not overtake another vehicle that has stopped at a pedestrian crossing.
  • You must drive at a speed so that you can stop safely at a pedestrian crossing.
  • You must keep crossings clear and not drive into a crossing if the road ahead of the crossing is blocked.
  • At a children’s crossing, you must not go until the pedestrian has left the crossing. You must stop if a crossing supervisor is holding a handheld Stop sign at the crossing. Keep an eye out for children’s crossings near schools or parks.

Information in this article was adapted from the Victorian Government’s Safety and Road Rules.  Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with your local road, safety and vehicle registration rules.