Sharing the road with buses and heavy vehicles

Larger vehicles need more room to make turns and their blind spots are much larger than cars. When sharing the road with buses and heavy vehicles, keep in mind the following tips:


When riding a bicycle: 

  • Bicycle riders can use the bus lanes unless signs indicate otherwise. 
  • Be cautious when approaching intersections - other vehicles may use the bus lane to turn left.
  • Keep to the left of the bus lane. 
  • Give way to buses at all times. 

When riding a scooter: 

  • Scooter and motorcycle riders are not allowed to use bus lanes unless signs indicate otherwise. 
  • You may use a bus lane if you need to avoid an obstruction.
  • In built-up areas, you must give way to a bus that is signalling to pull out from the kerb and is displaying a ‘Give Way To Buses’ sign.

Heavy vehicles 

  • Stay out of the heavy vehicle’s blind spots, which are immediately in front of the truck, beside the truck driver’s door and directly behind the truck.
  • Trucks need more space when turning. Heavy vehicles displaying a “do not overtake turning vehicle” sign are allowed to take up more than one lane to turn. You must not overtake while the truck is turning, and always keep a safe distance away and give them enough room to move.
  • Only overtake when the road ahead is clear.

Information in this article was adapted from the VicRoads website and the Queensland Government’s Website. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with your local road, safety and vehicle registration rules.