Staying safe around tram and light rail tracks

Trams and light rail systems can be found in many cities across Australia – in fact, Melbourne’s tram lines are an institution in their own right! But while they might be convenient for commuters, trams can cause commotion for scooters and motorbikes. 

Here are some top tips when riding around tram and light rail tracks:

  • Always check that the line is clear before attempting to cross
  • Cross the tracks in a straight line, not on an angle. This reduces the amount of contact your wheel will have with the track
  • Don’t change gears or suddenly change your speed while you’re on the track – a change in momentum could lead to you skidding
  • Don’t swerve or make sudden changes in direction when riding over tracks – this sideways motion could cause you to slip
  • Be extra careful when riding over tram tracks in wet weather 

Information in this article was adapted from the VicRoads website.