Tips for riding your scooter safely this winter

We can all play a part in raising awareness about protecting each other on the road; whether you’re on a bicycle, scooter, e-bike or car. We’ve put together some simple tips to help you think about yourself and others whilst on the road. Here’s what to remember to keep you and others safe this winter.

  • Take extra care when braking in winter. Allow plenty of time to react in damp or icy conditions, and remember that braking distances should be doubled in wet weather. Avoid harsh braking unless it’s an emergency, and brake progressively. When taking a corner, it’s important to avoid braking and accelerate smoothly. 
  • Watch out for hazards on the side of the road. Leaves, debris and dirt can build up at the side of the road and around drains, so be sure to watch out for these and choose a dry line where possible.
  • Dress bright, be seen. Brightly coloured clothing, preferably fluorescent and reflective ensures that you’re most visible, particularly during the winter months. Make sure you are wearing the right clothing in wet weather conditions such as a rain jacket, waterproof trousers and close-toed shoes. Find out more about how your Deliveroo’s rider kit has been designed to help you be seen on our Safety Matters Podcast.
  • Wear a high-quality helmet that fits correctly. More space means less protection. Find out more information about helmet ratings and buying guides here. It is a legal requirement to always wear an approved helmet when riding.
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition by making sure you maintain it regularly or take it to a professional for regular servicing. Remember to carry out your simple pre-ride checks on your scooter before you get on the road.
  • Make yourself visible by making eye contact with other drivers when turning at junctions.
  • Avoid blind spots and position yourself to be seen; don't ride close to the kerb, and don't ride too close behind another vehicle.